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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Butterfly Wishes

Happy Sunday, friends! A batty week prevented me from crafting or blogging, but at last I've returned to my happy new home. I've quickly grown fond of my itty bitty blog haven and don't expect to be away so long again. I've been blessed to already encounter such beautiful people. (That means you!)

Time for the crafty goodness! (Butterflies again! I can't help myself. There's always room for butterflies.) This warrants a bit of a story, but I won't blame you if you skip the writing and zip to the pictures. ;) I promise! I understand time constraints. This is a rare instance to be so wordy and picture heavy... it's just one of those creations that came to be in a unique manner.

Before I begin, just a note that I'm including this in three fun locations since it's always fun to share. :o)

* A wonderful link-up party at Patches of Pink. (Click the pretty button to see some wonderful creations.)

Patches of Pink

 * Alex's weekly link-up party, which was a ton of fun last week! Join in if you haven't already. :o)

* The weekly challenge at the inspiring Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog, which requires the use of a triangle and rectangle within the project.

I carved out some creativity time this weekend to make a fun project. This is special to me because it represents something exceptionally gorgeous. It's one of those beautiful instances when three of my passions combine into one glorious moment. The inspiration for this design came about while I was frolicking outdoors with my trusty camera. I was still reveling in joy at the unexpected news that I just might return to dancing soon'ish... this very summer or autumn, after so many years of waiting in the wings. Hope was dancing through me when I happened upon a tiny treasure trove of wishes. Such flawless timing. 

The wind tried its best to deter me, but I dropped to the ground and semi-patiently waited for calm. I only had a few seconds of cooperative weather, so I snapped away and pleaded with my simple kit zoom lens to perform beyond its technical ability. I'm fairly new to photography, but have high aspirations... in time my skill and equipment will catch up to my visions. So much patience required at the beginning of a journey. It's thrilling to capture a moment like that. Seemingly simple on the surface, but so much more fiery if you dig deeper. Nestled alongside a flower bursting with hope and wishes, my love of photography melded with my ultimate passion for dance, which in turn propelled me to *this* cherished creative outlet. I  needed to attempt to create something to emulate this moment of sunshine.

I came up with a basket to encourage and sustain my "butterfly" wishes. I refer to them as such for two primary reasons: to reflect the graceful aspect of dance, like a butterfly whimsically fluttering across her own stage... and also as a symbolic messenger to carry my prayers heavenward. When any moment of doubt creeps in or the inability to dance cuts too deeply, I'll take out one of the tags tucked inside. There are a couple themes, as you'll see. Additional tags may be added when time permits. 

(Disclaimer: A gargantuan bumble bee was very interested in me and my basket, so I didn't have time to experiment with capturing the best pictures. He wasn't as cute and friendly as the one on the Create a Critter cartridge.)

The two tulle flowers on each side of the basket make me think of ballet costumes, though I love them in their own right. They're lovely accents without shouting that they're there.

Three tags list a few of my favorite ballet roles and classical compositions, and when I choose one of those I'll listen to the stunning orchestration and watch the accompanying ballet choreography.

Half are Scriptures to remind myself where my focus needs to be and the power that is already at work within me. 

The final one is extra special. It's a reminder of what awaits me. This tag contains three of my favorite songs, which will be my first three choreographies when I can dance again. They've already begun in my heart. :o) (And you can finally see the sweet butterfly at the back of my basket.)

It's only appropriate to conclude this post with the aforementioned inspiration. Make a wish...

... or several, thanks to this abundance. :o)

Key Recipe Components:
 * Cricut cartridges: Cindy Loo, Florals Embellished, Create a Critter, Classic Font
 * Paper: SEI, DCWV, Heidi Grace, Papertrey Ink
 * Sentiment: Digital stamp from Playing with Paper
 * Ribbon: SEI, Offray, and miscellaneous
 * Flowers: Prima Fabric Fancies
 * Buttons: My Mind's Eye Tres Jolie
 * Heaps of diamond Stickles

You are beyond angelic for taking the time to share in my story. Thank you for visiting and I wish you a sparkling Sunday. :o)



  1. Lovely Basket! Love the details! Thanks for playing with us at FCCB!

  2. Karen I truly loved your post today. So sentimental... Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. It's amazing how we can get to know wonderful people without ever meeting them. Great job on your basket and tags. Loved your story. God Bless You.

  3. Thank you both so much! :o)

    Catarina, you are such a sweetheart. Thank you for always giving me even more reasons to smile. :o) God Bless You!

  4. Beautiful!!! I am a new follower from Make It Myself Monday!

  5. What a gorgeous basket - and such lovely tags! I'm so glad you could celebrate the combination of your patterns - and avoided the not-so-cute bee!
    Thanks so much for playing along with us at FCCB!
    Small Bits of Paper

  6. Hi Karen, I'm visiting from You Had me at Craft's, Made it Myself Mondays and I love your sweet story and beautiful project! Don't ever give up on your dreams. This sweet basekt will remind you of that. It looks like you and I both just started our blogs. Isn't it so fun!!?? I'm having a BLAST! Take care!

  7. Thank you all for the sweet comments! It means so much to me. :o) Hugs and sparkles!

  8. My sweetest Sunshine...

    SQUEEE!!!!!!!! IT'S BEAUTIFULLLLL!!! I was NOT expecting this!!! *has to pinch myself to believe what I am truly seeing* I am crying so much right now heart is about ready to burst with pride.

    God has SUCH special plans for you my most precious Sunshine that include every single dream in your sparkling basket and SO much more. In fact, I can reassure you that you will be needing to design an even larger basket in the very near future because this gorgeous one simply won't be big enough to hold all the dreams that will be coming true sooner than soon.

    This creation sparkles with all the love that shines in your shining heart my sis...not only do dreams always come true for those who trust and believe in God, they also transform into magical dreams that exceed even our greatest expectations. God is going to help you make that basket overflow, Sunshine. Every day is one step closer to that ultimate prize...

    *sends you oodles and oodles of sparkling hugglers via rainbow butterfly express*

    *sneaks some chocolate kisses and hugs into your basket too cause I can* Tee hee!


  9. Love your basket project! It is absolutely beautiful. I found you through "Made it Myself Mondays". It seems we have a alot in common! I grew up a dancer and my blog is about sparkles too. I'm a new follower. Can't wait to see what you make next! TFS


  10. What a great project. Love all the tags.

  11. You were #1 this week on Patches of Pink. Congratulations!!

  12. This is just an amazing project! I love everything about it (except that pesky bumble bee!) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and I'm so glad you did so that I could find yours...I'm now following you! Have a great weekend :)


  13. Forgive me for not commenting sooner, Sweets! I was too distracted by all the beauty in this post I guess.

    I adore your butterfly basket! I want one of my very own. Especially if it has tags with songs from a certain singer ;) Very nice touch hehe. I cannot WAIT to see those dances when the time comes. And congrats on winning! How could anyone not love your work?

    After seeing your fluffy flower pics, I was inspired to go take my own... but before I could grab my camera and set upon the backyard, my brother mowed it and all the fluffy dandelion goodness was no more *weeps* Thankfully I still have your pictures to admire.


Thank you for leaving some love! Have a beautifully blessed day. :o)

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