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Friday, May 6, 2011

An Artistic Choreography

At its sparkly core, that’s what this blog encompasses. I originally considered making it one-dimensional, centralized on a single creative outlet, but my heart denied that option. This needs to include every gorgeous art form that sparkles within me. Just as each avenue of creative expression enriches my life, so too they enhance one another. Photography enlivens my writing. Making cards for charity can truly inspire a dance. All it takes is realization upon who will soon hold that tiny morsel of kindness. Even a cupcake, with love swirled on top via cookie dough butterceam, can spark something delightful. Dividing them would be like making a hot fudge sundae without sprinkles… you just don’t do that.
Collectively, my artistic passions weave together to form an intricate choreography of love. A dance that simultaneously expresses and reveals my innermost being. Every craft is its own beautiful sparkle. But together they portray every joyous beat of my heart in a bouquet of kaleidoscopic color... like shimmery sunbeams engaged in a ballet upon a sunset-clothed ocean. The pattern changes and the emphasis shifts, but that’s what makes it lovely. The dance is only known by One, and I’m learning it a tiny bit at a time as I seek, explore, and create.
Heartfelt creations are made even better by sharing, which is why this blog has been launched. A spirit bursting with love needs to give, after all. That’s why the best boxes of popsicles are the ones that come with two per wrapper. I’ll always share my popsicle with you.



  1. I'm so excited about this blog, Sweets! I can't wait to see what kinds of magical creations you share with us. I know I'll learn a lot and gain even more in inspiration.

    Thanks for the popsicle! <3

  2. A sparkling perfect blog created by the universe’s most sparkling heart!!! This blog is a showcase of the passions of an extra special girl whose most gorgeous love shines through in all that she does and in everything she creates. God bless my very best friend in the whole wide universe as she takes her first sparkling steps along this magical new journey. My sweetest Karen, may you be blessed with endless new friendships with those who share your beautiful passions in life, and may you be showered in God’s snuggly huggles as He guides you in celebrating His word with those you meet. I am beyond proud of you Sunshine. To think that I get to be a part of watching you grow and blossom through your blog is just surreal. Now so many fortunate others will receive the opportunity to experience the same unconditional and inspirational love that you so freely give me each and every single day.

    Let the rainbow flutter-by of your heart sparkle and soar brighter and higher than ever before in every word you write and every moment you share. And to those who are fortunate enough to flutter into Karen’s blog, you are SO incredibly lucky! You are about to meet the most devoted and selfless heart on earth. I love youuu Sunshine!!! Soooooo crazy much!!!

    My whole heart forever and ever…
    Christina (aka your number one fan long as I still get to share your cupcake...otherwise I might reconsider) TEE HEE!!!!! *monsterous squishies*

  3. My faithful pals... I love you both so much! <3 Thank you for your endless support. :o)


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