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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Banana Bling

Down to the wire I go! This is my final submission for Robyn's beautiful National Scrapbook Day celebration at My Pink Stamper. Challenge #6 required the inclusion of a tag on the project. I decided the happiest tag holder is the tail of a pop dotted monkey swinging to a rhinestone-studded banana. Naturally! This cutie pie was fun to make (I love the bananas still hugging the tree), but my monkey's sweetness didn't ward off mishaps. Only when I'm rushing with a time-sensitive creation does the ink pad fall out of its holder while I'm edging, thus dashing me to the Cricut to re-do items. (Though I decided against inking in the end, of course! The Stickles were calling me.) There was also an incident with rhinestones exploding out of the container all willy-nilly, but I didn't so much mind that one. ;)

This card is for a dear friend who is struggling with a few battles. I think a sparkling banana should cheer her up, don't you? She's as unique and lovely as a fluttering snowflake... and truly is one in a million. :) The only potential negative with this card is that it has made me yearn for banana cream pie. Or a banana split. Or even better: banana split cupcakes, topped with extra sprinkles!

Key Recipe Components:
 * Cricut Create a Critter cartridge
 * Stickles
 * iRock and Brenda Walton rhinestones
 * Papertrey Ink and Core'dinations cardstock
 * Ribbon from Target

There's a plethora of inspiring and gorgeous paper crafting projects linked up to Robyn's site, so I highly recommend taking a gander through some of the entries. I hope your week is off to a blessed start! :o) Lots of love!



  1. reasons this card wins:

    1) it has a monkey. people love monkeys (including me).
    2) it has sparkles and shimmeries
    3) I recognize that monkey's pink flower. I believe someone sent me a whole box of those for my own scrapbooking work. :-)
    4) lastly, you said willy-nilly. automatic 100 points.

    yay Sweets! I am so enjoying all your wonderful and fantastic cards. Keep up the amazing work! I am convinced you are incapable of making/doing anything less than completely fabulous.

  2. SQUEEE!!! I see a monkeyness!!!

    *hugglers him oodles and swings on his happy vine with him*


    Only a heart as sparklie as yours, Sunshine would think of designing something that precious! I can't stop wanting those sparklie accents sis! They are soooooo beautiful!!! And how did you make that tree look 3D like that?!?! It looks soooooo amazing!!!!!!!

    If the stunning cards you made don't win first prize, then no one's will. They are complete perfection and 100 percent pure smooshy love!

    Know what else? YOU are one in a million!!!

    I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love you girls! <3

    (And my sis... silly girl. The winners were chosen by random number generator! hehe. Your support is amazing and I love you oodles for that.)

  4. Thank you, sweethearts! :o)

    And sis, the prizes are always chosen randomly! The random number generators have yet to like me.. ;)

  5. What do you mean randomly?!?! Grr. Bad rules! Tee hee hee. *invents a new number generator cause this current one seems to be slighly too unsparklie for my liking* TEE HEE!

    *gives my sis first prize anyways cause I can and a cupcake tiara to match too* YAY!!!

    *waves hello to happy new followers and throws them all some happy cupcakes*



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