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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rosette Wands for Olivia

Happy Thursday, my sweet friends! Do you know how loved you are? Immensely! :o)

A quick post (don't laugh!), as I want to share these before I ship them out today! Such a busy bee week. Last month I made a ton of rosette wands for birthday celebrations at a homeless shelter, so I wanted to make a few for Olivia. (As you probably recall, Olivia is this month's recipient of Madison's I Feel the Love Project. It fills me with such joy that she will soon be opening a box filled of crafty love from so many of you. It will be such a blessing as she continues to adjust to life on earth without her amazing mom.)

I went the Disney route this time to honor and celebrate the Disney World memories that she and our beloved Erika shared.
Mickey and Minnie are from Disney and Friends, which I am so thankful to now own. It will be such a blessing for I Feel the Love creations! :o) Mickey is on a Spellbinders Lacey Circle, while Minnie is on a Picot Edge Circle. Both are embossed with Swiss Dots and their Disney papers are trimmed in Christmas Red Stickles. To deliver extra sappy love to Olivia, I cut out Minnie's outfit with heart paper and surrounded her with red heart rhinestones. And of course she needed sparkling shoes. :o)

A closer look at Minnie and the crown rosette wand:
How pretty is that crown?! They are Spellbinders Nested Crowns, chosen for this project to go along with the Disney theme. I used foil paper for lots of shine: silver for the base crown and purple for the smaller nested crown. The detailing I kept trying to do wasn't going well, so I turned to my trusty rhinestones and covered some of the embossed areas with graduating sizes of crystals.

Just like last time, I painted bamboo skewers with turquoise glitter acrylic paint and gave them a coat of sealer for protection. Flowy ribbons are attached for Olivia's twirling delight. :o) I hope she enjoys them and feels my and God's love with every project I made for her this month. She is such an inspiring, strong, radiant 9-year-old and I know she will make a difference in this world. God has incredible plans for her!
Thank you for visiting me today! May your day be filled with blessings, love, and peace. :o)


  1. Oh they are brilliant thank you for sharing them x

  2. Hehe Karen - you were right! But I love your Minnie Mouse she's got her cute polka dot outfit on... Isn't that cartridge awesome.. You got that same deal too right~ Those two cartridges for $24.99. I'll be doing Mickey soon, I like your wand idea just so perfect for any child too. And this surely will bring cheery smiles to Olivia.. I'm thinking I may do a disney calendar set too. I have a total of 20 sets of 2013 calendars to do, everyone thinks I'm just doing only one. Nope! the more I'm thinking about it I don't know if I can get them all done on time.... yikes.....
    TFS - enjoy your lovely Thursday Karen~
    sweet hugs my friend!

  3. These are fabulous Karen. I really have to learn to make these. Can't wait to see them in person. Olivia will love them!! Thank you for this special month!! It has been awesome and I am so happy to have share it with you and Olivia:)

  4. These are so beautiful Karen. I love the design and you can't help but smile when you see Mickey and Minnie mouse!
    I'm sure Olivia is going to be thrilled to receive these from you and no doubt she will know the thought and love you have put into making them for her.
    hugs Sue

  5. These are just absolutely fabulous my sweet friend!! I love rosette wands and Mickey and Minnie look so adorable!! And wow, the crown is fabulous...a Spellbinders set I don't have but need now after seeing this!! I don't have the Mickey cart either, but all of the Disney ones I have, I have trouble with the cuts, especially the eyes. Your cuts look perfect!! Love Minnie's sparkly shoes and the hearts surrounding her!! Just simply amazing as always and I'm sure Olivia will treasure them, not only because they are awesome, but because they came from you :) Happy day my dear friend and huge hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. They are so beautiful !!!Amazing!Olivia will love it!I do!What a Beautiful,Creative thing to do!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Stellar papers!!! Rosettes are too fabby!

    Be blessed, Beckie

  8. Oh these are so awesome.. i had wanted to make something similar for my daughter for her birthday, but just didn't have the time... maybe i will try to make her one just to tell her i love her, she would love the Minnie one with those gorgeous shoes.. I know Olivia is going to be delighted to receive these, as well as all of those at the homeless shelter, you are such a blessing.. How big did you make the rosettes??? Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent. hugs

  9. These are all adorable, Karen, but my favorite has to be the Minnie Mouse one! I love the heart rhinestones and her glittery red shoes! I'm sure Olivia will love these! :)


  10. I LOVE your rosette wands Karen and Olivia will be over the moon with them.The heart paper for Minnie is such a fabulous touch.
    Jayne x

  11. *hugglers you silly for being the bestest hero ever to sweetest little Olivia*

    SQUEEE!!! My Sunshine is about to make one extra extra extra special little one sooooooooo incredibly happy!!! WHEEEEEE!!! *wants to play with the gorgeous rosettes forever* They are just SO perfect, sis. *plops Minnie and Mickey ears on you to celebrate* WHEEEEEEE!!! I can just see precious Olivia's face glowing the moment she opens her gift to find these waiting for her inside! OMJ! I wish I could be there! *sends her all my love too for the moment when she receives her stunning pressies*

    God bless you Sunshine for not only these homemade gifts for Olivia, but more importantly for the gift of your forever love. It helps her heal and inspires her so profoundly. It will mean everything to her to know that your love is helping her sparkle through every day with so much grace and joy. Erika couldn't be more proud of you too, Sunshine. And neither could I!!!

    *squishers you with all my heart and beyond* I LOVE YOU SIS!!!!!!!!

    *forever sparklie rosette Disney mega huggles*
    ~~~ Christina :)

  12. How cute these wands are!!
    Thank You for the sweet comment on my blog


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