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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Treasure You Card and a Sweet Blog Award!

Happy Tuesday, my dear crafty friends! I hope your day is full of butterflies and sunshine... and a touch (or twelve) of chocolate. :o)

First up today is my new card! I was truly blessed this weekend to receive two new Cricut cartridges from my sweetheart: Kate's ABC's and Elegant Edges. How I've yearned for these! In fact, I simply couldn't decide which to use first, so I used both. ;) These have endless possibilities and I'm happier than a shimmery clam to own them. :o)

(I know I very recently used this color scheme... but I ask you, can you ever have too much pink and green? They're like hot cocoa and marshmallows: always happy together.)

I had to channel my energy while making this card... I was overly thrilled to be using these cartridges. I simply *needed* to make a girly-girl card with them. I surrounded myself with rhinestones, glitter, buttons, twine, liquid pearls, and sparkly paper... just waiting to see what would happen. I didn't even take a few moments to see what the new challenges were for any blogs... I simply created what my heart wanted to say. :o) The paper used for the scallop mat makes me think of bubbles... like Kate's sweet self had just finished blowing bubbles before scooping up her kitten. I love that. :o) Thank you, my sweet boyfriend, for this incredible gift!

Now I have several people to thank! I am truly honored and ecstatic to have been given the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award by five fantastic crafters this past weekend. All five of you made my heart extra sparkly all weekend long! I sincerely appreciate your support. :o) Extra love and hugs to these super talented sweethearts:

Pam from Crafty Cards 4 u 2
Kaitlin from Cupcakes and Cards
Lisa from A Mermaid's Crafts
Nita from Nita Notes
Sabrina from Scrappin' with Sabrina


The rules for the award are as follows:
1) Send a thank you to the person who nominated you and include their link.
2) To accept this award, tell 7 random facts about yourself.
3) Pass the award on to at least 8 other awesome blog buddies.

My 7 tidbits of randomness:
1) Christmas is every single day in my heart... my pals know exactly what I mean when I say I'm having Christmas pizza or Christmas eggs for dinner.
2) I ditched all the clothing from the biggest drawer of my dresser to make more storage space for my sparkly make-up.
3) I was a competitive Scottish highland dancer for 16 glorious years.
4) Josh Groban is my favorite musician in the history of the world. (He better hope I don't win a Meet and Greet for the upcoming Michigan concerts. He will be sparklier than ever if I hug him.) ;)
5) I love watching Disney's House of Mouse episodes when I'm on the elliptical machine, working off my sweets addiction.
6) I see infinite beauty in a tiny blade of grass.
7) I became teary when I first saw the ice surface at a Detroit Red Wings game in March... I love my hockey team. <3

I am passing along this sweet award to the following 8 blogs (in alphabetical order). They are all wonderful people with so much to offer their readers. Thank you for being a source of beautiful inspiration with your mere presence. :o) (I know some were recently recognized, but I simply couldn't resist sending my love in return.)

1) Catarina~ Docerela Creations
2) Ellen~ Ramblings of a Travel Bug
3) Jalisa~ Patches of Pink
4) Lisa~ A Mermaid's Crafts
5) Nita~ Nita Notes
6) Pam~ Crafty Cards 4 u 2
7) Sabrina~ Scrappin' with Sabrina
8) Tiffany~ Sparkled Memories

Thank you for visiting, my friends! I wish you all a gorgeous day. :o)

Key Recipe Components:
 * Cricut cartridges: Elegant Edges, Kate's ABCs
 * Cuttlebug Polka Dots embossing folder
 * Paper: DCWV, Papertrey Ink, SEI
 * Ribbon: Gorgeous, but unknown... it was a gift from a friend.
 * Buttons: My Mind's Eye Tres Jolie
 * Twine: Sew Easy in Limeade
 * Miscellaneous: iRock, Liquid Pearls, Martha Stewart Peridot glitter, Studio G glitter glue



  1. THANK YOU so much for thinking of me, Karen! I am so honored and will add it to my blog with pride :D Have a great day!!


  2. I totally forgot to add that your I Treasure You card is so absolutely adorable! You did a fabulous job with it! It is sooo pretty :)


  3. Hi Karen, I'm so glad that you found my blog and became a follower!!! :) It looks like we started blogging around the same time, and I must say, your blog looks fantastic! This card is just too adorable! I am now your newest follower!!!

  4. Congrats on your award and thanks so much for passing it on to me! You totally beat me to it, I was getting ready to pass this to you (and I will probably still list you in my post, but don't feel obligated to repost the requirements)! Great minds think alike I guess :) I'm really honored to receive it! I'm so glad we're blog friends!

  5. How much do I love this adorable card? SO MUCH!!! I absolutely love and adore anything girly, so give me pink, sparkly, and frilly all day long. Whoever is lucky enough to receive this card is in for a real treat. Though if I were you, I'd keep it for myself ;)

    And thank you soooo much for thinking of me and my blog-in-training! You're the sweetest, and I fully intend to re-reward you (I think that's against the rules, but I don't care hehe).

    Less than three love! <3

  6. Kitty squishing, incredible awards, and 7 tidbits of randomness about my sweetest Sunshine...can it seriously get any better than that? WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    *squishy hugglers you bunches and oodles*

    GASP! Sis!!! I am in love!!! *scoops up your most beautiful creation and hugs it forever just like sweet Kate is hugglering her baby kitty* I can't stop staring sis. It is pure grace from top to bottom. From the gorgeous sparklie accents to the stunning ribbon to the perfection of colour blending, this card had it all sis. Its beauty speaks for words can accurately describe how much heart you put into every single tiny detail. I LOVEEE IT!!!!!!!!!

    Know what else sis? It SO reminds me of you hugglering your precious little kitties. Are you sure you and Kate aren't twins? TEE HEE!

    *wipes away happy tears of joy cause I can't believe how much my Sunshine's blog has blossomed in such a short time* Just seeing all the amazing people who are now sharing in your passions and watching you sparkle and shine and share in God's love through this page is just the most incredible blessing. I am more proud of you than I can ever say Sunshine.

    *huggles you with all my heart*


  7. I have also nominated you for this award. You can check it out on my blog.

  8. Thank you for thinking of me! I feel so loved! :)


  9. Thank you Karen for your prayers for my FIL! Thank you for being such a wonderful crafty friend. I too feel very blessed to have "met" you as we journey through this wonderful blog world! It has really been such a positive impact in my life! And how fun and sweet that your honey got you the 2 new cartridges! Those are both on my wishlist! I LOVE your card! That little girl is the sweetest ever! I love all of the sparklies! Excellent job! And thank you so much for sending love back my way with the ISBA!! Hugs to you my friend! Sabrina

  10. Hi Karen, thank you for sending back some love to me. I am truly blessed to have you as a friend in this huge blog world. I really appreciate your kind words every time you come and see me. Now about this card. It is absolutely adorable. You added a lot of sweet touches. And you're right it is very girly, so cute!! I have these two carts, but haven't used them yet. Your card makes me want to get them out. Hugs to you Love, Pam


Thank you for leaving some love! Have a beautifully blessed day. :o)

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